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At Sagacito® we believe in allying with other amazing companies and combine our offerings in order to serve our client needs even better. Currently we have three world class companies in our alliance network, with many more in the pipeline. Please take time to read about our alliance partners and how we come together to create unique and compelling solutions.

TAM media ltd ( TAM) is India’s foremost media research firm, which is formed by Nielsen and kantar, two big global names in the field of media and consumer research. TAM has unmatched historical data on the advertising eco system in india. Sagacito has built products that sit on top of this powerful database that allows us to track granular advertising activity, track and predict patterns and also to report market shares and gain / loss analysis of shares. This goes a long way in increasing sales productivity and measurement of the entire sales effort of media companies. TAM’s proprietary data when combined with Sagacito’s AI driven algorithms  create very powerful outcomes which is unique in the Indian market.

Ernst and Young ( EY), is a global audit and advisory firm with a strong footprint among media firms in india and the globe. EY and Sagacito have agreed to cooperate across a spectrum of activities. Sagacito products will power some of the analysis for EY’s existing client base. Sagacito will combine with EY teams for new client pitches in the media area. This alliance is not limited to India and is across the geographies of middle east and africa, and Latin america too.

BARC is India’s leading TV audience measurement company. It is one of the largest such companies globally in terms of household’s tracked. Consequently, BARC measures and captures audience behaviour across TV content as well as advertising. Sagacito will work on the databases to track and eventually predict audience behaviours to advertising, thus playing a crucial role in measuring ad effectiveness which can be used to “right price” ad spots.

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