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Through a combination of smart algorithms and machine learning we are able to interpret the buying patterns of every customer and predict future behaviour.  Knowing what is likely to happen, allows you to adjust your sales pitch for the best outcome – giving you the competitive edge.

Sagacito’s intelligent software provides real time, data driven recommendations to your sales team on cross and upsell opportunities and churn alerts tailored to every customer. Our live platform also allows for instant managerial approval – ensuring the sales process gets completed smoothly.

“Our Yield Maximiser has driven growth in profits of up to 8% per annum.”


Having a system that consistently recommends the “Right price” is the key to revenue, market shares and ultimately profitability. That’s what our platform delivers. We have 4 modules to tackle sales problems, from the planning stage through to the sale itself

How It Works

The Sagacito® platform provides you with a suite of tools to inform and guide your sales team:

How It Works

The Sagacito® platform provides you with a suite of tools to inform and guide your sales team:


Provides real time in-market solutions and sensitivity analysis to monitor the day-to- day deployment of your annual business goals at a sales person level. Weekly, monthly and annual targets can be monitored and adjusted by your management team.


Our yield maximiser uses predictive pricing and an optimization algorithm to predict the most likely price. This increases likelihood of sale while maximizing net realization.


Our platform works in sync with our yield maximiser to provide real-time guidance on sales. This intelligent, adaptable software eliminates bad deals and creates deal visibility for management for instant approval.


Our cross and upsell recommendations mean the most is made of every opportunity. Predictive churn modeling enables your team to plan ahead preventing any loss of business. This combination enables you to realize your potential and maximize revenue.

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Sagacito® software consistently creates optimal recommendations, so your team always sells the right product at the right price to the right customer. We give your team a framework and guidance informed by data to help them become their most effective at the point of sale. We provide measurable customer insights that put you back in control of your pipeline, ultimately leading to improved sales margins and profit.

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